kdb+ Bootcamp Enterprise

kdb+ Bootcamp Enterprise is aimed at developers and data analysts who are new to kdb+ and want to obtain a good grounding in the use of the technology. It includes developer focussed extensions on kdb+ Tick and developer centric topics. This is the equivalent of a 5-day classroom-based training course in kdb+.

16 Units


Introduction and Getting Started

Atoms and Lists

Dictionaries, Tables and Functions

Selects and QSQL

Keywords, Joins, Adverbs and Attributes

IPC and Web Access

File I/O

Data Analysis

Supporting a Kdb+ System

Kdb+ Tick

Kdb+ Developer

Broken HDB Exercises

ITCH Parser

c.Java - An Interface Between kdb+ and Java

Bootcamp Bonus

Bootcamp Enterprise Final Quiz